Evaluation of nutrition, body composition and features of dietetic counseling for patients with functional hypothalamic amenorrhea


The assessment of nutrition status, anthropometry, eating disorders, fat tissue and leptin levels in 48 patients with functional hypothalamic amenorrhea (FHA) was conducted. The study of nutrition status revealed a discrepancy between the caloric intake and energy expenditure in 50% of patients, inadequate daily intake of carbohydrates in 91.7%, increased protein intake in 70.8% of patients. The recommended ratio of proteins, fats, carbohydrates in patients of the study group was not observed (1:1:0.3). It was noted that the deficit of adipose tissue and the decrease in serum leptin concentration were observed not only in patients with low body mass index), but also in 70% of women with normal values. Using the questionnaire Eating Disorder Inventory 2 (EDI-2) revealed that 54.2% of patients had drive for thinness and 22.9% of patients had body dissatisfaction. The results indicate the need for an integrated approach to the management of patients with FHA, which provides consultation of a gynecologist, psychotherapist and nutritionist.

Keywords:energy balance, menstrual cycle, amenorrhea, nutrition, leptin, fat mass

Voprosy pitaniia [Problems of Nutrition]. 2018; 87 (1): 85-91.

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