Antibiotic-free poultry production based on innovative nutritional programs with the involvement of probiotics

AbstractEU banned antibiotic growth promoters (AGP) for farm animals and poultry since 2006 in relation to the problem of drug resistance. This requires alternative products for equally efficient prevention and treatment of certain alimentary poultry diseases. One of the most actual trends is the development of innovative nutritional strategies for poultry providing an effective symbiosis between the host and its intestinal microbiota. The study presented was aimed at the comparative evaluation of productivity, nutritive value of meat, and composition of intestinal microbial populations in broiler chicks fed different diets (corn -soybean meal, wheat - sunflower cake, barley - sunflower cake) supplemented with AGP or a probiotic (cellulolytic and lactic microorganisms). In three trials straight-run Cobb 500 broilers reared from 1 to 36 days of age were fed these diets supplemented with bacitracin from 1 to 29 days of age (control) or probiotic preparation from 1 to 36 days of age (70 birds per dietary treatment in each trial). There were no differences in live bodyweight and carcass yield between the treatments in all three trials. In the two trials with sunflower cake, protein content in breast meat was significantly higher by in birds fed probiotic in compare to birds fed AGP (by 10.0 and 6.8%, p<0.05), while fat content in thigh meat was lower by 12.0% (p<0.05) and 14.1% (p<0.01), respectively. Content of amino acids in meat did not differ. Vitamin content in the poultry meat of the experimental groups was significantly higher compared to control (p<0.001). The resulting concentrations of bacitracin in meat in control treatments (no more than 0.02 U/g) did not exceed local legislative limitations. The substitution of the probiotic for AGP beneficially affected the composition of bacterial populations in the duodenum and cecae determined using T-RFLP analysis. It was concluded that the supplementation of diets with probiotic allows to produce antibiotic-free broiler meat without detrimental effects on the productive performance.

Keywords:broiler meat, antibiotic growth promoters, probiotics, intestinal microbiota

Voprosy pitaniia [Problems of Nutrition]. 2017; 86 (6): 114-124.

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