Influence of the carbohydrate-protein phytolactate drink on the physical working capacity and endurance of experimental animals

AbstractThe study analyzes the effect of a new carbohydrate-protein phyto-lactate drink on the physical performance and endurance of BALB/c mice. The main carbohydrate andprotein component in the new product was carrot juice and skim milk. Data on the technology of manufacturing a sterilized beverage have been presented. The study of the influence of the milk-carrot drink on the performance and endurance, carried out in accordance with the Porsolt test («forced swimming»), was performed on 34 male BALB/c mice, with initial bode weight 22-24 g. An experimental group of animals (n=12) was injected daily with a milk-carrot drink per os in a volume of 0.8 ml (32 ml/kg of body weight) for 28 days, carrot juice or distilled water in the same volume were administered per os in the control groups. It was shown that the introduction of the drink improved the physical working capacity of laboratory animals, confirmed by an increase in the duration of swimming of mice by 34.6% (р<0.05). At the same time, the introduction of pure carrot juice to mice on the basis of which the milk-carrot drink was created also increased physical working capacity, compared to the control group, who received per os a similar volume of water by 17.8% (р<0.05). However, the duration of swimming of the mice of this group was shorter in comparison with the same index in mice injected with the drink (р<0.05).

Keywords:sports drinks, working capacity, test of forced swimming, mice

Voprosy pitaniia [Problems of Nutrition]. 2017; 86 (6): 90-93.

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