Specialized foods with a modified carbohydrate profile in the correction of metabolic disorders in type 2 diabetes

AbstractThe review of the literature is devoted to the analysis of scientific publications concerning the optimization of nutrition of patients with diabetes mellitus (DM) type 2 due to inclusion in the ration of specialized foods with a modified carbohydrate profile. Modification of the carbohydrate profile of specialized foods can be achieved by excluding quickly absorbed refined sugars, by using a mixture of slowly digestible and slowly absorbed carbohydrates, enrichment with fructooligosaccharides and soluble dietary fibers. Purposeful introduction of food ingredients with favorable metabolic effects into the composition of the products makes it possible to effectively correct the disorders of carbohydrate and lipid metabolism in patients with type 2 diabetes.

Keywords:dietary correction, food ingredients, specialized food products, type 2 diabetes

Voprosy pitaniia [Problems of Nutrition]. 2017; 86 (6): 56-66.

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