Analysis of regulatory and methodical base in the industry of food for special dietary uses in the Russian Federation

AbstractThe analysis of the regulatory and methodical basis in the Russian industry of food for special dietary uses is presented in this article. The modern problems in the industry of production, sale, and consumption of food for special dietary uses are mentioned. The tasks and ways to improve the national and supranational regulation of the quality indicators of food for special dietary uses are described. It is shown that evaluation of the efficacy plays an important role in the technology of production of foods for dietary prophylactic nutrition and foods for special dietary uses. With the aim of optimization of the regulatory basis, it is necessary to implement the methods of determination of biologically active substances, as well as evaluation of their efficacy and norms of consumption.

Keywords:foods for special dietary uses, technical regulations, the efficacy of foods for special dietary uses, the norms of physiological needs for energy and nutrients

Voprosy pitaniia [Problems of Nutrition]. 2017; 86 (6): 29-35.

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